Green Dragon

Vehicle Mountable Dispenser
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The Green Dragon is a vehicle mountable, automated ground ignition launcher designed and engineered for use in forestry and wildfire management applications such as back burns or prescribed burning. It uses CO2 or compressed air as a propellant, and has a rotary feed system and a reciprocating firing system, both electrically controlled and driven. The Green Dragon can be successfully mounted on many ground-based platforms including trucks, boats, ATVs and UTVs. It runs on standard vehicle 12-14 volts DC.

The Green Dragon allows operators to control both range and speed delivery of Dragon Eggs, offering variable firing speeds capable of delivering up to 40 Dragon Eggs per minute. The machine mounts can be adjusted for both azimuth and elevation, allowing the operator to shoot spheres up to 225 feet (70 metres) in a 180° radius. Fire ignition operators no longer need to walk into difficult terrain with a drip torch and expose themselves to potential risk of entrapment. Utilizing the same Dragon Egg ignition spheres as the helicopter-deployed Red Dragon and the PyroShot hand launchers, the Green Dragon allows operators to launch fire ignition spheres from roads, trails, control lines and other established safety zones.

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Green Dragon CO2 Usage:

The good folks at SEI have done some consumption testing for the Green Dragon. It is worth noting that the Green Dragon uses a microchip controlled trigger valve, and is thus able to squeeze out the maximum number of shots with practically no wasted gas.

Based on gas consumption tests, for a 20lb tank:

7,000 shots at 90psi.

10,000 shots at 50psi.

Note: Field Support Services is the exclusive distributor for SEI’s Dragon products for the eastern part of the US, corresponding to USFS regions 8 and 9, which means Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and all points east.

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