Dragon Egg Launchers

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FBS-HSBF "Backfire"
FBS-HS "High Speed" FBS-HSLR "Long Range"
Gas-Powered Ground Ignition Hand Launcher
Compact model with short handle and barrel.
Gas-Powered Ground Ignition Hand Launcher
With standard handle and barrel.
Gas-Powered Ground Ignition Hand Launcher
With long handle and barrel.
$2,355.00 $2,415.00 $2,525.00

FBS-1 "Spring Gun" RD "Red Dragon" GD "Green Dragon"
Spring-Powered Ground Ignition Hand Launcher. Helicopter-Mounted Aerial Ignition Dispenser.
Gas-Powered Automated Vehicle-Mounted
Ground Ignition Launcher.
$2,230.00 $9,500.00 $6,900.00


Dragon Eggs FBS-500 KBS-1000
1" Ignition Spheres used in all PyroShot and Dragon Products. One box contains 1,000 Dragon Eggs. Ball bag with over the shoulder strap for safe ground transport of Dragon Eggs. Holds 500 Dragon Eggs. Holds 1,000 Premo Balls or 2,000 Dragon Eggs.
$250.00/Box (FOB Atlanta) $65.00 $115.00

  Holds 2,000 Premo Balls or 4,000 Dragon Eggs.  


PowerTank CO2 Equipment FBS-RR&GK "Gas Kit" FBS-RGK "Regulator/Gage"
Pin Bottle Side Arm Kits can be purchased through us or directly from PowerTank. Connects standard CO2 bottle to HS. Adjusts gas pressure from 0 to 160 psi.
$299.95 $135.00

FBS-BPK "Backpack Kit" FBS-HSBFKit "BF Conversion Kit" FBS-HSKit "HS Conversion Kit"
Easily carry a five or ten pound
CO2 bottle in the field.
(Bottle not included)
Converts HS or HSLR (SN 301 and above) to an HSBF. Converts HSBF or HSLR (SN 301 and above)
to a standard HS.
$149.95 $390.00 $450.00

FBS-HSLRKit "LR Conversion Kit" FBS-250 "Globe Mag"  
Converts HSBF or HS (SN 301 and above) to an HSLR. Holds 150 Dragon Eggs to eliminate constant reloading.
$560.00 $195.00  

Auxiliary FM

Aux-EPH-RB Aux-EPH-24 Aux-KNG-24
Handheld Radio Mounting Bracket DPH to Helicopter Cable KNG to Helicopter Cable
$185.00 $385.00 $385.00

Aux-MOT-24 Aux-MID-24
MOT to Helicopter Cable MID to Helicopter Cable
$340.00 $375.00

Mil-Spec Connectors

MS3101A24-11S MS3101A24-11S/DC MS3102A24-11S
9- Socket Belly Receptacle Dust Cap 9-Socket Box Receptacle
$225.00 $25.00 $140.00

MS3102R16-11S MS3106F16-11P MS3107A24-11P
2-Socket Power Box Receptacle 2-Pin Power Line Plug 9-Pin Bambi Plug
$62.00 $67.00 $225.00

MS3107A24-11P-TST MS3111F12-3S MS3112E12-3S
9-Pin Test Plug wired
3-Socket Power Line Receptacle 3-Socket Power Box Receptacle
$345.00 $109.00 $36.00

MS3112E12-10S MS3116F12-3P L515-C
10-Socket AUX Box Receptacle 3-Pin Power Line Plug NEMA Twist-Lock Receptacle
$45.00 $57.00 $24.00

NEMA Twist Lock Plug NEMA to 9 Pin Adapter
$24.00 $355.00

Push-To-Talk Adapters

DPH to Flight Helmet Push-To-Talk Cable KNG to Flight Helmet Push-To-Talk Cable MID to Flight Helmet Push-To-Talk Cable
$335.00 $345.00 $330.00

MOT to Flight Helmet Push-To-Talk Cable


ICS-EXT-10 LAA-0701 KS-H3440
Flight Helmet ICS Extension DPH Programming Plug Hard-Hat Headset
$175.00 $45.00 $368.00